Installation instructions

McAfee DLP Monitor releases can contain multiple components.

Before you begin

The Data Loss Prevention extension must be installed.

Installation of the McAfee ePO extension uses either the McAfee ePO Software Manager or the SoftwareExtensions feature.

For information about installing and configuring McAfee DLP products, see the McAfee Data Loss Prevention Monitor 11.0.300 Installation Guide.

Important: You must first update the extensions in McAfee ePO, then reboot the appliance from the .iso file that contains the update or hotfix.


  1. Upgrade the extensions in this order:
    • Appliance Management extension
      Important: This release updates components that depend on Appliance Management Extension build
    • DLP Appliance Management extension (available in this release).
  2. Update the install image using a command line session or a utility such as WinSCP to copy the .iso file to /home/admin/upload/iso/.
  3. Using a command line session, log on to the appliance as admin.
  4. From the appliance console menu, select Upgrade.
    For McAfee DLP Monitor appliances, this Upgrade option is supported in 11.0.0 version and later.
  5. Select Show the internal install image details to confirm the version.
  6. Confirm that the current version of the internal installation image has updated to the version you want to install.
  7. Select Boot from the internal install image.
  8. Select Full and select Yes.
    The appliance restarts and installs the software, preserving all data.
  9. Select Show the internal install image details to confirm the version.