McAfee Data Loss Prevention Endpoint for Windows 11.6.0 Release Notes

The McAfee DLP Endpoint for Windows 11.6.0 release includes new features and can update platform support.

Release details

Release builds:

  • McAfee® Data Loss Prevention Endpoint (McAfee DLP Endpoint) client build
  • McAfee® Data Loss Prevention (McAfee DLP) extension build

Updated platform, environment, or operating system support

This release extends support to additional platforms, environments, or operating systems:

  • Microsoft Edge based on Chromium
  • Windows 10 20H2

For additional information on supported platforms, environments, and operating systems, see KB68147.

New or changed features

This release introduces new features or improves existing features:

Outlook background processing for Email Protection

This release introduces background processing of emails in Microsoft Outlook, reducing the user impact when sending emails.

New settings in the Windows Client Configuration Policy Catalog allow you to configure the amount of time emails are processed in the foreground and background. A new pop-up message allows end-users to review emails that are blocked or to discard them.

Classification usage

You can now check which rules are using a specific classification in the new Classification Usage window in the Classifications page.

Troubleshooting page in Policy Catalog

The new Troubleshooting page in the Windows Client Configuration Policy Catalog provides tips and guidance on actions that you can perform to aid in troubleshooting.

Support for Plug and Play and Removable Storage device rule events with Syslog

Syslog events are now generated when a plug-and-play or removable storage device is connected. Separate events are generated for device connection and for file system details.

New built-in Classifications and Classification Groups

New built-in classifications for SWIFT Code, CUSIP, IBAN, and more, are now available in the Classifications list.

New built-in classification groups for Finance, IT Security, Healthcare, and more, provide logical groupings for built-in classifications, and are now available in the Classifications list.

Automatic purging of events and incidents

To improve system performance, McAfee DLP now automatically purges incidents from the live incidents list table and moves them to the history list view when a million incidents are reached.

Known issues

For a list of current known issues, see McAfee Data Loss Prevention 11.x.x Known Issues (KB89301).

Resolved issues

This update resolves known issues.

Resolved issues
Reference Resolution
DLPO-6018 Fixed an issue where an error appeared during package creation for registered documents.
DLPW-5574 Fixed an issue with uninstalling McAfee DLP through McAfee ePO.
DLPO-5813 Fixed an issue where evidence files weren't available when upgrading McAfee DLP.
DLPO-5648 Fixed a language localization issue when exporting incidents

in .csv format.

DLPO-5550 The MVISION Cloud server tab in DLP Settings is now available when McAfee DLP Endpoint license is not active.
DLPO-5215 Fixed an issue with incorrect file names when exporting incidents to .csv format.
TSDP-4748 Fixed an issue where .zip files added to an exception list in a Web Protection rule are blocked in Google Chrome.
DLPW-5529 Fixed an issue with blocking an internal application with Clipboard Protection rule.
DLPW-5467 Fixed an issue where wireless devices aren't blocked as expected when McAfee DLP Endpoint computer is taken offline and then reconnected.
DLPW-5549 Fixed an issue where Excel automatically exits when copying content in a .mht file from local drive then pasting it to Excel.
DLPO-6176 Fixed an issue with accessing DLP Rule Sets for users with permissions to view and use DLP Policy Manager.
DLPW-5527 Fixed an issue where Web Protection rule generates incidents when Report Incident is deselected in the Reaction tab.
DLPO-5540 Fixed an issue where the reviewer list doesn't load when building a query with McAfee ePO Query Builder.
DLPW-5443 Fixed an issue where folders with classified files aren't blocked with Web Protection rules when uploaded to Google Chrome.
DLPW-5444 Fixed an issue where printing PDF documents weren't monitored or blocked when a classification was added with a Printer Protection rule.
DLPW-4443 Fixed an issue with processing emails in Outlook.
DLPO-5483 Fixed a reporting issue when creating a query with filter Evidence File Type and match criteria Does not equal.
DLPO-5547 Fixed an issue where the DLP Incident Manager analytics dashboard was showing inaccurate data.
DLPW-5421 Fixed an issue where files failed to upload following back up to OneDrive.
DLPW-5439 Fixed an issue with retrieving manual classification information stored in .png and .tiff files when uploaded to the web.
DLPW-5432 File type information shared with the Threat Intelligence Exchange (TIE) reputation request no longer shows as unrecognized.
DLPW-5408 Fixed an issue with replicating evidence files from Windows Workgroup systems.
DLPW-5454 DLP Policy name with Revision ID and IP Address is now reported correctly in the DLP Incident Manager.
DLPW-5572 Fixed an issue where a rule with classifications with regular expressions with line break symbol wasn't blocking content.
DLPW-5425 Fixed an issue with Web Application content fingerprinting.
DLPW-5475 Fixed an issue with blocking manually classified PDF files printed with Microsoft XPS Document Writer.
DLPW-5476 Fixed an issue where whitelisted files were monitored when uploaded to Google Chrome.
DLPW-5405 Fixed an issue with email recipient detection.
DLPW-5461 The temp folder in \ProgramData\McAfee\DLP is now cleaned of temp files as expected.
DLPW-5420 Fixed an issue where print jobs entered a paused state indefinitely.
DLPW-4568 Fixed an issue where USB wired and wireless devices were blocked when a Device Control rule was enabled, or failed to upload after a system reboot.
DLPW-4520 The administrator can now control whether access protection is applied to Google Chrome Incognito and guest mode in the Windows client configuration.
DLPW-5433 Fixed an issue where USBs weren't whitelisted when using the serial number.
DLPW-5355 McAfee DLP now allows serial numbers longer than 100 characters when creating user serial number pair exception.
DLPW-5430 Fixed an issue with blocking optical media devices connected through external DVD drives.
DLPW-4575 Fixed an issue where Kanguru devices were blocked when set as an exception in a Device Control rule.
DLPW-5431 Fixed an issue where COM and USB ports were reported with errors following a system reboot.
DLPW-5466 Fixed an issue where a device was blocked when set as an exception in a Device Control rule.
DLPW-5412 Fixed an issue where some Rule Set names were displayed as blank in the DLP Incident Manager.
DLPW-5406 Fixed an issue where advanced file copy protection failed to copy large files from the network share to the local drive.
DLPW-5459 Fixed an issue where USB devices were blocked when configured as an exception in a Device Control rule.
DLPW-5474 Fixed an issue where manual classification wasn't working when the document was on a network share.
DLPW-5359 Fixed an issue with Syslog reporting events when moving files from McAfee DLP Endpoint to a USB.
DLPW-5446 Fixed an issue where Internet Explorer windows were blocked when a tab that included blocked content was moved out to a new window or minimized.
TSDP-4263 Fixed an issue where fcags.exe process file handles increased constantly causing the text extractor to crash.
DLPW-4465 Fixed an issue where emails were sent without the body text when sending it out of the organization.
DLPW-5411 Fixed an issue where a file received a locked file error message instead of applying a manual classification.
TSDP-4357 Fixed an issue where McAfee DLP wasn't detecting AIP labels in .pdf files.
DLPW-5455 Fixed an issue where evidence from some incidents were reporting under the None category instead of their evidence rule set name.
DLPW-5436 Fixed an issue where Google Chrome web incidents showed as Not Available in the Destination column.
TSDP-4445 Fixed an issue where devices were blocked for some users when using the serial number and user exception.
DLPW-5453 Fixed an issue with detection of USB serial numbers for iPhone.
DLPW-5361 Fixed an issue where the manual classification window was closed automatically when the rule reaction was set to close the notification manually.
DLPW-5414 Microsoft OneNote is now recognized as an image printer when configured as an exception in a McAfee DLP Endpoint rule.
DLPW-5413 Fixed an issue where synchronization of data from OneDrive to local disks was taking longer than expected.
DLPW-5424 Fixed an issue where McAfee DLP incidents with low severity were reported with critical status.
DLPW-5407 Fixed an issue with McAfee DLP processing Outlook emails which caused emails to get stuck.
DLPW-5109 Fixed an issue where McAfee DLP service (fcags.exe) caused a high number of file handles impacting the system performance.
DLPW-5356 Fixed an issue where threat events IP addresses were reported incorrectly under the system names in the System Tree.