What's new in the 11.2 release

Releases can introduce new features and enhancements or update platform support.

Release Details

Release Builds:

  • McAfee® Data Loss Prevention Endpoint (McAfee DLP Endpoint) client build
  • McAfee® Data Loss Prevention (McAfee DLP) extension build

Enhancements in McAfee DLP extension

This release introduces new features or improves existing features:

  • A setting on the Windows Client ConfigurationDevice Control page in the Policy Catalog can enable or disable enforcing the policy immediately. The setting applies only to Plug and Play device rules. When disabled, Plug and Play policies are only enforced when the McAfee DLP Endpoint client is restarted, or when the device is physically or logically disabled and enabled. The default setting is Enabled.
  • You can now use McAfee DLP REST API to import user information from a CSV file.
  • Advanced patterns now include Bulgarian Unified Civil Number (EGN) and US driver's license numbers for all states.
  • The built-in classification US PII now includes an automatic classification for US driver's license. The classification is defined as a proximity between the US Driver License Number advanced pattern and the US Driver License Number dictionary, which contains terms used to describe a driver's license.
  • Polish and Brazilian Portuguese have been added as options to the locale settings for Justification and User Notification definitions.
  • McAfee® Threat Intelligence Exchange (TIE) integration now supports reporting application reputation based on SHA-25 in addition to SHA-1 and MD5.

New features in McAfee DLP Endpoint for Windows client

  • Support for Brazilian Portuguese
  • You can now send certain events using the Syslog protocol to a Syslog server. You configure the Syslog server in the Windows Client configuration on the Debugging and Logging page. The events are sent whether rules are configured to trigger the events or not. The following actions are sent automatically when Send DLP Syslog events to Syslog server is enabled:
    • Printing
    • Copy to removable storage
    • Uploading a file to the web
    • Uploading a file to the cloud
    • Sending email

Updated platform, environment, or operating system support

This release extends support to additional platforms, environments, or operating systems:

  • Seclore Server 3.6
  • Seclore Desktop Client 3.4.1

For additional information on supported platforms, environments, and operating systems, see KB68147.

The following supported McAfee product has been renamed.

  • McAfee® Skyhigh Security Cloud is now McAfee® MVISION Cloud.

Discontinued features

This release removes support for these features:

  • McAfee® Behavioral Analytics integration to create reports on anomalous user behaviors.