Upgrade the client software

Upgrading the McAfee DLP Endpoint client software is identical to initial installation, except that McAfee ePO and McAfee Agent are already installed.

Before you begin

  • Download the software from the McAfee download site or use the Software Catalog (Software Manager in McAfee ePO 5.9.x) with the Download option.
  • Verify that the McAfee Agent version on your endpoints is compatible with the new client.

Upgrade the McAfee DLP extension in McAfee ePO before upgrading the client software.

Note: The McAfee DLP extension version must be the same or newer than the McAfee DLP Endpoint client version.


  1. Install the McAfee DLP extension update manually or using the Software Catalog.
  2. In McAfee ePO, select MenuSoftwareMaster Repository.
  3. In the Master Repository, click Check In Package.
  4. Select package type Product or Update (.ZIP), then click Browse.
    McAfee DLP clients are named \HDLP_Agent_[version number].zip.
  5. Click Next.
  6. Review the details on the Check in Package page, then click Save.
    The package is added to the Master Repository.
  7. Deploy the clients to the endpoints with McAfee ePO
    Note: You can also deploy McAfee DLP Endpoint client software to your network using third-party enterprise software deployment tools.