License McAfee DLP

Provide the license to access the McAfee DLP consoles.

You must enter at least one license key — more if you have multiple McAfee DLP products. The licenses you enter determine which configuration options in McAfee ePO are available to you.

Note: You can enter a license for either McAfee DLP Endpoint or Device Control in the McAfee DLP Endpoint field. Replacing one type of license with another changes the configuration.
You can enter keys for these products:
  • McAfee DLP Endpoint or Device Control
  • McAfee DLP Discover
  • McAfee Legacy Network DLP (9.3.x)
  • McAfee DLP Prevent (10.x or later)
    Note: This license also activates the McAfee DLP Prevent for Mobile Email software.
  • McAfee DLP Monitor (11.x or later)

The DLP Settings module has eight tabbed pages. Information about the General tab is required. You can use the default values or fields for most of the remaining settings if you don't have special requirements.

The Skyhigh Server tab is used to set up integration with McAfee® MVISION Cloud.


  1. In McAfee ePO select MenuData ProtectionDLP Settings.
  2. On the General tab in the License KeysKey field, enter the license key for each license that you want to add, then click Add.
    Installing the license activates the related McAfee ePO components and McAfee ePO Policy Catalog polices.
  3. In the Default Evidence Storage field, enter the path.
    The evidence storage path must be a network path, that is \\[server]\[share]. This step is required to save the settings and activate the software.
  4. Set the shared password.
  5. Set the backward compatibility.
    Choose from one of the five options ranging from to 11.0.0 and later compatibility. This setting limits the possibility of using new features.

    Two modes of compatibility are available: strict and non-strict. In strict mode, policies with backward compatibility errors cannot be applied. In non-strict mode, the policy owner, or a user with Administrator permissions, can choose to apply policies with backward compatibility errors.

    Note: If you are using multiple client versions, set the compatibility to match the oldest client version in use.

  6. Click Save.
  7. To back up the configuration, select the Back Up & Restore tab, then click Backup to file.


McAfee DLP modules appear in MenuData Protection according to the licenses entered.