What's new in the 11.2 release

Releases can introduce new features and enhancements or update platform support.

Release Details

Release Builds:

  • McAfee® Data Loss Prevention Discover (McAfee DLP Discover) build
  • McAfee® Data Loss Prevention (McAfee DLP) extension for McAfee® ePolicy Orchestrator® (McAfee® ePO™)

New features

This release introduces new features or improves existing features:

  • Remove automatic classificationMcAfee DLP Discover remediation scans of File Server, SharePoint, and Box repositories can now remove classifications from files. The action removes a single, specified classification tag without affecting other tags applied to the file. It removes only automatic tagging — manual tags can't be removed. Discovery rules with the Remove Automatic Classification action are not backward compatible: rules passed to earlier versions of McAfee DLP Discover use the fallback action No Action.
  • Report incidents per record — Database remediation scans now report incidents per record. The Report Incident per Record field is only available when the scan type is set to Remediation. The default is Do not report incidents, and the drop-down list sets the number of incidents to report per DB table from 100 to 10,000.
  • Administrative shares — Including all administrative shares created by default when updating the OS can now be set on the File Server definition page. You don't have to specify the shares, or include them in the IP address range.
  • Exact Data Matching — Exact Data Matching classification criteria (EDM) are now supported in database repository scans.

Updated platform, environment, or operating system support

This release extends support to additional platforms, environments, or operating systems:

  • McAfee DLP Discover now supports NFS repository scans on Windows and Linux operating systems. NFS versions 3 , 4 and 4.1 are supported. To scan an NFS repository, navigate to DLP DiscoverDefinitions and select RepositoriesFile Server. When creating the definition, select NFS from the drop-down menu in the Type field.

This release removes support for some platforms, environments, or operating systems:

  • McAfee Agent versions earlier than 5.5.1-197 are no longer supported.