What's new in update 11.1.100

Release Details

Release Builds:

  • McAfee® Data Loss Prevention Discover (McAfee DLP Discover) build
  • McAfee® Data Loss Prevention (McAfee DLP) extension for McAfee® ePolicy Orchestrator® (McAfee® ePO™)

New features

This release introduces new features or improves existing features:

Optical character recognition (OCR)

McAfee DLP Discover now supports OCR for classification, remediation, and registration scans of file-based repositories. Database scans are not supported. OCR is part of the text extraction feature. When the text extractor comes across an image file, a second pass is made with OCR to extract text and classify or remediate the file according to the relevant rules. The feature also works with images saved as PDF. If a PDF contains both text and images, it is scanned with the text extractor in the usual way. OCR scanning works with all McAfee DLP-supported languages, and most Western and Asian languages.

Attention: Arabic, Hebrew, and Thai are not supported in the current release. The issue will be resolved in a future update.

OCR is resource-intensive, and significantly increases the scan time if there are a lot of image files in the repository. It can be disabled with a checkbox on the Text Extractor page of the Server Configuration if it is not needed.

OCR is provided as a separate package that is installed on top of the existing McAfee DLP Discover server software. The package is deleted when the McAfee DLP Discover server software is deleted or updated. When you update McAfee DLP Discover server software you must then install the appropriate OCR update. For more information on installing the OCR package, see the Data Loss Prevention Discover Installation Guide and KB91046.

Updated platform, environment, or operating system support

This update extends support to additional platforms, environments, or operating systems:

This update adds support for Microsoft Windows Server 2019.


SMB2 protocol is now supported for the following:

  • Testing connectivity in DLP Settings and server configuration.
  • Deleting auto registration documents.
  • Registered documents, whitelist, and exact data match package creation.

This update removes support for some platforms, environments, or operating systems:

McAfee® Agent 5.0.x is no longer supported.


Due to security concerns, SMB1 protocol is no longer supported.

Note: Microsoft considers SMB1 an obsolete protocol which is unsafe and could expose your system to attack.