What's new

The current release of the product includes these enhancements and changes.

McAfee DLP Discover server

Enhanced scan reporting

McAfee DLP Discover now supports 100,000 incidents and errors per scan.

Enhanced CIFS repository support

CIFS repositories now support read-only permissions. When performing a classification, remediation, or registration scan with read-only permissions the last access time can change. If you don't want the scan to change last access times, a setting in the CIFS repository definition allows you to not fetch files for which you don't have write permissions. Files not fetched report only metadata (as in an inventory scan).

Enhanced database repository support

McAfee DLP Discover database scans now support special and foreign language characters in DB schemas, tables, and columns. A limitation is that if the scan encounters certain sequences of special characters in the names of databases, schemas, or tables, if may fail to read them. The unreadable sequences of special characters vary with database vendor. In this case, McAfee DLP Discover sends the vendor-defined error message and skips to the next object.

Database scans are now faster, due to an improvement in reading tables.

Report short match string option

A setting on the Evidence Copy Service page of the Server Configuration in the Policy Catalog allows you the option of reporting or not reporting the short match string. The short match string can contain information protected under privacy regulations.

Microsoft Windows 2016 support

This release of McAfee DLP Discover supports Microsoft Windows 2016 64-bit.