General settings page

Use this page to specify licensing and other McAfee DLP-specific settings.

Option definitions
Category Option Definition
Last Modified Displays the date and time stamp of the last changes to the settings.
License keys Used to enter the license keys for purchased products. You can enter the following license keys:
  • McAfee DLP Endpoint — For Device Control or McAfee DLP Endpoint
  • McAfee DLP Discover
  • McAfee Legacy Network DLP (v9.3.x) — For using unified policies with Network DLP
  • McAfee DLP Prevent
  • McAfee DLP Monitor
Add Use this button for each license key you want to add.
For more information... click here Link to the McAfee DLP FAQ page.
Default Evidence Storage Specifies the UNC path to the evidence storage folder.
Copy evidence using the following credentials Radio button to specify a user name and password to copy evidence.
Use local Windows system account to copy evidences You can use the local system account to copy evidence. Not supported by McAfee DLP Endpoint for Mac or McAfee DLP Prevent.
Test Credential Tests the connection to the storage share. You can save the configuration even if the test is unsuccessful.
Shared Password Specifies the override password for uninstalling the software, removing files from quarantine, encrypting evidence, and temporary client bypass.
Note: In McAfee DLP Discover, the password is used for encrypting evidence only.
Backwards Compatibility Sets the client compatibility. Use this setting for policy compatibility in networks with more than one McAfee DLP Endpoint client version.
Policy Validation Sets the policy validation mode:
  • Strict Mode — policy with errors can't be applied
  • Non-Strict Mode — administrator can force application of a policy with errors
  • No Validation