Update cases

Update case information such as changing the owner, sending notifications, or adding comments.

Notifications are sent to the case creator, case owner, and selected users when:

  • An email is added or changed.
  • Incidents are added to or deleted from the case.
  • The case title is changed.
  • The owner details are changed.
  • The priority is changed.
  • The resolution is changed.
  • Comments are added.
  • An attachment is added.
Tip: You can disable automatic email notifications to the case creator and owner from MenuConfigurationServer SettingsData Loss Prevention.


  1. In McAfee ePO, select MenuData ProtectionDLP Case Management.
  2. Click a case ID.
  3. Perform any of these tasks.
    • To update the case name, in the Title field, enter a new name, then click Save.
    • To update the owner, click ... next to the Owner field, select the group or user, then click OK and Save.
    • To update the Priority, Status, or Resolution options, use the drop-down lists to select the items, then click Save.
    • To send email notifications, click ... next to the Send notifications to field, select the users to send notifications to, then click Save.
      Note: If no contacts are listed, specify an email server for McAfee ePO and add email addresses for users. Configure the email server from MenuConfigurationServer SettingsEmail Server. Configure users from MenuUser ManagementUsers.
    • To add a comment to the case, click the Comments tab, enter the comment in the text field, then click Add Comment.
  4. Click OK.