Create a justification definition

For McAfee DLP Endpoint, business justification definitions define parameters for the justification prevent action in rules.


  1. In McAfee ePO, select MenuData ProtectionDLP Policy Manager.
  2. Click the Definitions tab, then select NotificationJustification.
  3. Select ActionsNew.
  4. Enter a unique name and optional description.
  5. To create justification definitions in more than one language, select Locale ActionsNew Locale. For each required locale, select a locale from the drop-down list.
    The selected locales are added to the list.
  6. For each locale, do the following:
    1. In the left pane, select the locale to edit. Enter text in the text boxes and select checkboxes as required.
      Show Match Strings provides a link on the popup to display the hit-highlighted content. More Info provides a link to a document or intranet page for information.
      Note: When entering a locale definition, checkboxes and actions are not available. You can only enter button labels, overview, and title. In the Justification Options section, you can replace the default definitions with the locale version by using the Edit feature in the Actions column.
    2. Enter a Justification Overview and optional Dialog Title.
      The overview is a general instruction for the user, for example: This action requires a business justification. Maximum entry is 500 characters.
    3. Enter text for button labels and select button actions. Select the Hide button checkbox to create a two-button definition.
      Button actions must match the prevent actions available for the type of rule that uses the definition. For example, network share protection rules can have only No Action, Encrypt, or Request Justification for prevent actions. If you select Block for one of the button actions, and attempt to use the definition in a network share protection rule definition, an error message appears.
    4. Enter text in the text box and click Add to add to the list of Justification Options. Select the Show justifications options checkbox if you want the end user to view the list.
      You can use placeholders to customize the text, indicating what caused the popup to trigger.
  7. When all locales are complete, click Save.