2. Create mail connectors — route email from Office 365 to MVISION Cloud

You'll need to create two mail connectors. The first connector sends emails from Office 365 to MVISION Cloud for inspection, and the second accepts emails after they were scanned by MVISION Cloud.

Before you begin

Create a Security Group. To limit the impact of enabling Inline DLP, it's wise to set up a security group in Office 365 with a few email addresses that you can use to test. Once you're happy with the performance, you can then either add additional security groups, or use Inline DLP with all email addresses in your organization. See Manage mail-enabled security groups for instructions.

Make sure to set the following:

  • Type: Mail-enabled security group
  • Name: SkyhighEmailDLP
  • Allow people outside of my organization to send email to this distribution group: OFF

If you're unfamiliar with setting up connectors in Office 365, you can find information here.


  1. Log in to Office 365 as a Global Admin and navigate to the Exchange Admin center.
  2. Select Mail flow, then connectors.
  3. Add a new connector. Follow the instructions you'll find here: Set up connectors to route mail between Office 365 and your own email server. Make sure to set the following options:
    1. Name the new connector Office 365 to Skyhigh Cloud Email DLP.
    2. Make sure to select Only when I have a transport rule set up that redirects messages to this connector when setting up the new connector.
    3. Be sure to select Always use TLS and Any digital certificate, including self signed when asked how to connect Office 365 to your partner's email server.