Understanding revision numbers

Revision numbers are automatically assigned to policies, and are used for troubleshooting and DLP Help Desk override key creation.

All DLP Help Desk functions create release codes using revision numbers, referred to in the UI as Revision ID. For bypass release codes, using the revision number is optional, but it is the default setting.

When an administrator creates a policy in McAfee DLP the policy is assigned the revision number 1. This number is incremented each time the policy is changed. In addition to being used for requesting a bypass or uninstall key, the revision number is important for supporting troubleshooting processes, to ensure that policy changes are actually applied to the endpoints.

Locating the revision number

Location of revision number information
McAfee ePO DLP Policy Manager, on the Policy Assignment tab
on the endpoint
  • McAfee DLP Endpoint for Windows — endpoint console, Tasks tab
  • McAfee DLP Endpoint for Mac — endpoint console Data Loss Prevention page