Users and groups

Select the registered LDAP servers that you want to push group information to McAfee DLP appliances, and add details of McAfee Logon Collector servers.

Table 1: Option definitions
Option Definition
LDAP Servers Server IP/Domain — The IP address or domain name of a registered LDAP server that you want to use.

Use the Registered Servers page to connect LDAP servers with McAfee ePO.

McAfee Logon Collector
  • Identify users making web requests — Select to enable McAfee Logon Collector with McAfee DLP appliances.
  • + — Opens the Add dialog box where you can specify the details of the McAfee Logon Collector server.
    • Server IP or Hostname — The McAfee Logon Collector IP address in IPv4 format.
    • Port — The McAfee Logon Collector port. The default port is 61613.
    • Import from file — Browse to a file that contains the Base64 certificate text you copied from McAfee Logon Collector.
    • Paste from clipboard — Add the Base64 certificate text from McAfee Logon Collector.
  • Server — Contains the IP address or host name of the selected McAfee Logon Collector server.

    You can add more than one Logon Collector.

  • Port — The McAfee Logon Collector port.
Save Click to save the LDAP server and McAfee Logon Collector server settings.