Resolved issues

The current release of the product resolves these issues. For a list of issues fixed in earlier releases, see the Release Notes for the specific release.

Table 1: Agent
Reference Issue description
1166367 Documents containing icons that are encrypted with S/MIME and attached to emails are no longer corrupted.
Note: Select Outlook Object Model (OOM) in the McAfee DLP Endpoint client configuration. The plug-in does not extract the body of S/MIME extensions when set to MAPI.
1186073 Google Chrome no longer stops responding during document upload.

Email discovery scans no longer display a No default mail client error message, and scans start normally. The code now loads alternate MAPI dlls sequentially until one succeeds.

1192536 Internet Explorer no longer slows without setting the strategy to Trusted.
1194541 Screen capture protection rules now block InsertScreenshot in Microsoft Word.
1194625 Tags are now preserved when saving a file containing non-Latin text as PDF from Microsoft Office applications.
1199502 Screen capture protection rules can now block Adobe Take a Snapshot screen captures.
1201315 Removable storage protection rules can now encrypt as well as block CD and DVD devices when files are burned to a disk.
1206111 McAfee DLP Endpoint client no longer slows launching App-V virtualized applications.
1207080 Sensitive content in a minimized Microsoft Outlook window no longer triggers screen capture protection rules.
1210329 Email protection rules no longer cause Microsoft Outlook crashes when an email with an invalid recipient address is sent. McAfee DLP Endpoint client now does additional validation to prevent the invalid value from crashing Outlook.
1212399 Web post protection rules no longer slow uploads when Silverlight causes an error condition. The rule now continues uploading without getting stuck.
1212809 The issue with changing the mount point in Disk Management was resolved.
1214999, 1217733, 1222475 Web post protection rules no longer cause Google Chrome to hang when opening or uploading to an internal website.
1218838 Clipboard protection rules no longer slow copy/paste. The issue was resolved by eliminating unnecessary requests for DNS resolution of systemroot (cmd.exe).
1220082 An exception for a network printer in a printer protection rule no longer blocks the printer. The root cause was the specific printer being incorrectly identified as an image printer.
1220181 Removable storage protection rules no longer exceed maximum memory when a user copies a large number of files to a removable device. Exceeding memory allowed remaining files to be copied without being monitored. The issue was resolved by limiting concurrent maximum evidence to 100.
1223423 Manual classifications are now available when the computer is started in an external network, then connected to an internal network. The McAfee DLP Endpoint client now calculates allowed manual classifications when the computer goes online as well as at startup.
1224558 McAfee DLP Endpoint no longer blocks SYSPREP when preparing a Windows image. Access protection no longer blocks setupcl.exe from writing registry values.
Table 2: MMI
Reference Issue description
1203227 Non-global administrators can now open the Case Management console.
1209138 When running queries, Total Content Size is now displayed properly in kilobytes.
1212248 Total Content Size for evidence in the DLP Incident Manager and reports is now displayed properly.
1213698 Reviewers can now see the incident list without time delays.

The issue with evidence share passwords was resolved.