What's new in the 5.0.1 update

The current release of the product includes these enhancements and changes.

New features

This release includes updates to DXL messaging in the cloud and from other products. These changes do not affect the DXL user interface.

Release Build:

Package Date: January 31, 2019

What's new in DXL 5.0.0

DXL 5.0.0 is a server-related release.

The DXL 5.0.0 release includes only the server-related components such as the DXL brokers and the DXL extensions for McAfee ePO. This release does not include a DXL client as it is now bundled with McAfee Agent 5.6. You can continue using your existing DXL client with the DXL 5.0.0 release, or you will automatically get the latest DXL client when you install McAfee Agent 5.6.

McAfee® Agent 5.6.0 bundles the McAfee Data Exchange Layer client as a component

The DXL client is now automatically installed on managed systems with McAfee Agent 5.6.0 and automatically connects to a DXL broker in your environment. DXL services run as part of McAfee Agent services. The DXL client is no longer installed with the DXL server and brokers.

If there is no broker present, the DXL client is idle until a broker is available for it to connect to.

Advances in automation

Remote commands that are exposed in McAfee ePO or Security Innovation Alliance Partner products can be called directly over DXL. Invoking remote commands over DXL is useful with automation tasks, whether they are user-driven (orchestrated), or performed without user involvement (automated). For example, DXL can generate a McAfee ePO Threat Event, or a DXL event on any topic via an Automatic Response Action.

Support for DXL brokers on Microsoft Window Servers

DXL brokers can now be installed on Microsoft Windows Servers, reducing the number of systems that need to be deployed and managed. This enables coexistence on the McAfee ePO Server or McAfee ePO components such as SuperAgents or Agent Handlers.

McAfee ePO 5.10 support

  • This release extends support to the McAfee ePO 5.10 security management platform.
  • In McAfee ePO 5.10, Software Manager is renamed as the Software Catalog. The documentation now uses the new term.

Installing McAfee Agent 5.6.0 on systems running the Active Response client

If using the McAfee® Active Response client, you must first install a mandatory hotfix on all systems running the Active Response client before installing McAfee Agent 5.6.0 on those systems.

  • If using Active Response 2.2 or earlier, upgrade to Active Response 2.4, then install Hotfix 1
  • If using Active Response 2.3, install Hotfix 4
  • If using Active Response 2.4, install Hotfix 1

After the hotfix is installed, you can then install McAfee Agent 5.6.0. For details, see KB91003.