New features

The current release of the product includes these new features.

Linux support for DXL brokers

You can now install DXL brokers on Linux systems.

  • DXL brokers can be installed only on systems with hardened CentOS 6.x or later and RedHat 6.x or later images.
  • The Linux system must be managed by McAfee ePO and include McAfee Agent version 5.0.4 or later.

Migrating certificates

Many organizations are deprecating TLS/SSL certificates signed by the older SHA-1 algorithm. DXL 3.1.0 installs the new hash algorithm certificates created using the new SHA-256 algorithm. If you have upgraded DXL from an older version, you can migrate DXL certificates to the latest hash algorithm.

McAfee ePO 5.9 includes a Certificate Manager used to migrate certificates. For details about using the Certificate Manger, see the McAfee ePO Product Guide.