New features

This release of the product includes these new features.

Support for Mac OS X

The DXL client now supports the Macintosh OS X operating system.

DXL broker extensions

Extensions are additional features that can be enabled on a DXL broker to add functionality from other managed products.

  • The available broker extensions are shown on the Data Exchange Layer Topology page in Server Settings. You can enable and disable extensions for a particular broker.
  • The status of an enabled broker extension is shown on the Extension tab on the DXL Topology page.

DXL Cloud Databus

DXL brokers can be configured using the DXL Broker Management Extension to send data from DXL clients to the DXL Cloud Databus to support products that use this component.

For example, McAfee® Active Response 2.0 clients can send trace data from managed endpoints to the DXL Cloud Databus via the DXL broker. The trace data received by the DXL Cloud Databus is then made available to the Threat Management Platform that analyzes the data, identifies issues, and remediates threats in real time.

The DXL Cloud Databus is configured in the DXL Cloud Database page in Server Settings.