Fixed-field log formats

Some supported fixed-field log formats do not require any header changes. Content Security Reporter correctly parses the data from these log files without any modifications.

The following table provides information about supported log file formats that are not automatic-discover in Content Security Reporter. This table includes examples of the expected header information found in the corresponding log file format.

CAUTION: Any deviation from the expected field format can result in inaccurate reports.

Table 1: Non-automatic-discover log file formats
Log file type Expected formats Examples
McAfee Web Gateway Cloud Service "user_id", "username", "source_ip", "http_action", "server_to_client_bytes", "client_to_server_bytes", "requested_host", "requested_path", "result", "virus", "request_timestamp_epoch", "request_timestamp_formatted", "uri_scheme", "category" "47877615", "", "", "GET", "664", "2837", "", "/", "DENIED", "", "1319501356", "2011-10-24 18:09:16-06", "http", "Social Networking"
McAfee Email and Web Security Format (Web) tv_sec.(tv_usec/1000) cache_msec client_ip cache_code/http_code cache_size method_str url user hier_code/hier_host content_type sf_action "sf_cats" 1085754420.626 1 TCP_DENIED/403 0 GET sjones ONE/- - DENY "Portal Sites"
McAfee SiteAdvisor Enterprise Format DetectedUTC EventTypeID CategoriesShortName URL ActionID RatingID ReasonId AgentGUID User MachineName PhishingFacet DownloadsFacet SpamFacet PopupsFacet BadlinkerFacet ExploitFacet IP MIMEType 2009-01-01T14:31:12 18600 rb 1 1 9 ef4a3a5b-773b-467f-af1f-f1ddb0f5ba31 sara machine1 6 3 6 6 1 6 text/html
McAfee Firewall Enterprise (Sidewinder) SFv4 - Text Format client_ip - user_1 [time_stamp] "GET url" http_status sf_action sf_cats - jlock [28/Jun/2004:11:44:54] "GET" 403 COACH "Portal Sites"
McAfee SmartFilter IFP SFv4 - Text Format client_ip - user_1 [time_stamp] "GET url" http_status sf_action sf_cats - imanderson [28/Jun/2004:11:44:54] "GET" 403 COACH "Portal Sites"