Custom rule sets

Rule sets are customized instructions that tell Content Security Reporter to look for a specific string of data during log file processing and replace it with a different string. This resulting string appears in reports and is more recognizable to users. A test function is available to validate the result of a rule set.

Rule sets make your custom columns and user-defined columns work. Configure rule sets to find any string that appears in a log file and replace it with a different string defined by you. The string can be letters, numbers, and symbols.

Custom column rule sets

Custom columns are predefined for the browser and cache columns. Each custom column has a corresponding rule set. You can modify the rule sets, but you cannot add or delete rule sets for the custom columns.

User-defined column rule sets

User-defined columns are customized by you for any available log record or header. You create the rule sets for these columns, which can be edited, deleted, copied, and used by more than one user-defined column at a time.