Backup and restore the internal database

Back up the internal database to safeguard your data against hardware failures or other issues. Reinstate data from the backup using the restore feature.

Before you begin

McAfee recommends using the MySQL GUI Tools, which includes MySQL Administrator, to back up or restore the Content Security Reporter internal database.

The MySQL GUI Tools is available as a free download from and must be installed on the same computer as Content Security Reporter.

You will need the following information when using this tool:

  • Server Hostname —
  • Port — 9129
  • Username — dba
  • Password — dba
  • Database name — reporting


  1. Log off Content Security Reporter.
  2. Shut down the Content Security Reporter Internal Database service.
  3. Perform the backup or restore procedure using instructions in the MySQL Administrator documentation
  4. Restart the Content Security Reporter Internal Database service.
  5. Log on to Content Security Reporter.


The backup or restore is complete and the internal database is functional.