Configure log sources

Configure the log sources that collect the data used in dashboards and reports.

  • The fields displayed on the Source tab differ depending on which option you choose.
  • Approximately 1 GB of temporary space is needed on the Content Security Reporter server for every GB of log data collected and processed.


  1. Choose the log source mode and format.
    1. Select MenuConfigurationReport Server Settings.
    2. From the Setting Categories menu, select Log Sources.
    3. From the Actions menu, select New.
    4. On the New Log Source page, type a name for the log source and configure the remaining options.
  2. Configure user-defined columns.
    1. Click the User-Defined Columns tab.
    2. Select the Populate this column checkbox.
    3. Select and configure up to four user-defined columns.
      • If the log record is not found in the Log record drop-down list, use the Log file header field to define a header.
      • When entering a value in the Log file header field, avoid using quotation marks.
  3. Create a schedule for processing logs.
    Note: The Schedule tab is only available when the Collect log files from mode is selected.
    1. Click the Schedule tab.
    2. Specify the frequency, date, and time.
  4. Configure processing and post-processing options.
    1. Click the Processing or Post-Processing tabs.
    2. Configure the options.
  5. Configure the directories.
    1. Click the Directory tab.
    2. From the Available directories list, select the directories, then click Add.
  6. Click OK.