Introducing McAfee Conduit Platform

McAfee® Conduit Platform provides a secure connection between McAfee® ePolicy Orchestrator® (McAfee® ePO™) and mobile devices.

Conduit Platform can only be used with on-premise installations of ePolicy Orchestrator, versions 5.1 and later.

The Conduit Platform setup includes these components:

  • Server — Installs a Tomcat server configured with the Conduit Platform server application. The Conduit Platform server handles communication to and from mobile devices.
  • Extension — Installed in ePolicy Orchestrator. The extension manages communication between ePolicy Orchestrator and the Conduit Platform server.

Using Conduit Platform in high availability environments

To improve availability, we recommend setting up two or more Conduit Platform servers. With multiple servers, requests from mobile devices are load balanced across the available servers. ePolicy Orchestrator dynamically handles load balancing; a third-party load balancer is not required.

The time-out interval for requests is determined by a policy setting in the associated managing product, such as FRP.