Import a catalog

You can import definitions from a file or from another catalog. You must first select the catalog the data is imported into. The import is granular and you can select from an entire catalog (file) down to individual definitions.


  1. In ePolicy Orchestrator, select MenuCommon Catalog Common Catalog.
  2. On the Catalog List page, use the check box to select a catalog to import into.
  3. Select ActionsImport From and follow one of these options:
    To import from a Catalog
    1. Select the catalog from the choice box.
    2. Select the data to import.
    3. Click OK.
    To import from a File
    1. Browse to the file containing the previously exported catalog information.

      If the file has been encrypted with a passphrase, a new field is displayed.

    2. If prompted, enter the passphrase for the encrypted file, and click Next.
    3. Use the expand and contract arrows and the check boxes to view and select the data to be imported.
    4. Click OK.