Catalog List

Use this page to create, edit, or duplicate catalogs.

Table 1: Option definitions — Catalog List
Option Definition
Show selected rows Condenses long lists for easier review.
Name Lists the currently available catalogs.
Actions (column) The following options are available from the Actions column:
  • View the McAfee Default catalog.
    Note: The default catalog cannot be edited, but can be duplicated.
  • Rename allows you to change the catalog name.
  • Edit the selected catalog.
  • Delete the catalog from the Catalog List.
  • Duplicate an existing catalog.
Actions (button) Opens a pop-up menu where you can select to:
  • Duplicate an existing catalog.
  • Edit the selected catalog.
  • Export existing data to a file.
  • Import From another catalog or from a file.
  • Create a New Catalog.