Process Name List

Use this page to define and modify lists of computer process names.

Table 1: Option definitions - Process Name List
Option Definition
Name Specifies a name for the list of process names.

Required. If you don't enter a name, a default name is entered automatically.

Description Specifies an optional description for the list.
Process Names Contains information about the process names defined within the list. The following fields are available:
  • Process Name — A required field, showing the process name.
  • Description — An optional field, displaying descriptive information about the process.
Tip: Microsoft Windows process names require the .exe file extension. OS X process names do not require a file extension. Process names cannot contain any of the following characters: \ / : * ? " < > |.

Once you have defined entries in the list of process names, you can Edit or Delete each entry.

Add Adds the new process name to the Process Name List.
Save Saves and closes the definition window.
Cancel Closes the definition window without saving.