Wildcard Expression

Use this page to create definitions that match content. Wildcard expressions support wildcard or Regex matching, but not case-sensitive matching.

Table 1: Option definitions — Wildcard Expression
Option Definition
Name Specifies an item name.

Required. If you don't enter a name, a default name is entered automatically.

Description Specifies an optional description of the definition.
Wildcard Expressions Specifies the Wildcard Expression entry.

This area has two sections; the list of defined Wildcard expressions, and text boxes enabling you to specify the Wildcard Expression to match, and the match type.

The match type options are:

  • Glob — a simple pattern match that supports wildcard selections.
  • Regex — a regular expression used to match patterns.

Once you have defined entries in the list of Wildcard Expressions, you can Edit or Delete each entry.

Save Saves and closes the definition window.
Cancel Closes the definition window without saving.