Cloud Workload Security packages and McAfee suites

Cloud Workload Security is packaged in public, hybrid, and private variants to support different cloud vendor accounts.

Table 1: Cloud Workload Security packages
Cloud Workload Security variant Supported cloud vendors Package names
Cloud Workload Security for Public cloud AWS, Microsoft Azure, and Kubernetes connector Cloud_Workload_Security_Public_5.2.0
Cloud Workload Security for Private cloud VMware vSphere, OpenStack, and Kubernetes connector Cloud_Workload_Security_Private_5.2.0
Cloud Workload Security for Hybrid cloud VMware vSphere, AWS, Microsoft Azure, OpenStack, and Kubernetes connector Cloud_Workload_Security_Hybrid_5.2.0
Note: Cloud Workload Security package includes license extension and Kubernetes connector extension. Install license extension to enable traffic discovery, traffic assessment, traffic visualization, and Network Security account registration. Install kubernetes connector extension to register Kubernetes Cluster account, and discover, assess, and secure Docker containers on Kubernetes.