What's new in the 2.3.6 release

This release of McAfee® Client Proxy includes these updates.

Automatic software upgrades

The Client Proxy installer automatically upgrades McAfee® Agent, Functional Module Platform (FMP), and Microsoft Common User Interface (MSCUI) software to these 64-bit versions if they are not already installed:

  • McAfee Agent 5.5.1
  • FMP 10.5.8
  • MSCUI 10.5.8

New features

  • Protection for the endpoint while Client Proxy is starting — You can now block all traffic to the configured ports and default ports 80 and 443 from the time the user has Internet access until Client Proxy starts redirecting traffic.
  • Policy review and approval — You can now set up the review and approval of Client Proxy policies in the McAfee® ePolicy Orchestrator® (McAfee® ePO™) interface.