Policy Catalog

On the McAfee Client Proxy page of the Policy Catalog, you can create, import, export, rename, duplicate, delete, view, and edit policies.

Note: The Client Proxy policy named McAfee Default is read-only. It can be duplicated and saved with a new name, but it cannot be renamed, deleted, exported, or edited.
Client Proxy policy options
Option Definition
New Policy Opens the Create a new policy dialog box, where you can select an existing policy to use as a template for a new policy and specify a name.
Import Opens the Import Policies dialog box, where you can browse for the .xml file that has the policy you want to import.
Export Opens the Export page, where you have these options:
  • Click the link — Opens a new tab in your web browser, where you can view the policy in XML format.
  • Right-click the link, then select Save Link As, choose a folder, and optionally update the file name — Downloads the policy to an .xml file.

    Default file name: Policies_For_McAfee_Client_Proxy_<x.y.z>.xml

    <x.y.z> specifies the version number of Client Proxy.

Name Opens the policy settings, which you can edit and save.
Owner Opens a list of users and groups, where you can select the policy owners and save any changes.
Assignments Opens the list of nodes, where the policy is assigned.
  • Rename — Opens the Rename Policy dialog box, where you specify a new name for the policy.
  • Duplicate — Opens the Duplicate Existing Policy dialog box, where you specify a name for the new policy that is based on an existing policy.
  • Delete — Opens the Delete Policy dialog box, where you confirm that you want to delete the policy.
  • Export — Opens the same page as the Export button.