Client Proxy software

Client Proxy consists of server and client software, whose deployment details depend on which management platform you are using.

Server software

The server software, which you install on the McAfee ePO server, adds the Client Proxy server functionality to the McAfee ePO platform. Because the server software extends the McAfee ePO functionality, it is called the extension software or extension.

Client software

The client software is checked in to the Master Repository on the McAfee ePO server as a package and then deployed to the client computers in your organization. Client computers are called endpoints.

Deployment from McAfee ePO

This table summarizes how the server and client software is deployed when Client Proxy is managed with McAfee ePO.

Management platform Server software (extension) Client software (package)
McAfee ePO Install the extension software on the McAfee ePO server. Check in the client package to the Master Repository and deploy the package to the endpoints.