Integration with Endpoint Security

Client Proxy is available as a standalone product or integrated with Endpoint Security.

When integrated, Client Proxy joins the Endpoint Security family, including:

  • McAfee® Endpoint Security Threat Prevention
  • McAfee® Endpoint Security Firewall
  • McAfee® Endpoint Security Web Control

Whether standalone or integrated, Client Proxy is managed using McAfee ePO and the management tasks are the same. When Client Proxy is integrated with Endpoint Security:

  1. The client software package is deployed to the endpoint and installed as a module on the Endpoint Solution Platform.
  2. The administrator can configure Web Control so that it is disabled while Client Proxy is installed and running.

On a Windows-based computer, you can view the integration status of Client Proxy by opening the About McAfee Client Proxy window. If EspMode is set to ON, Client Proxy is installed and running on the Endpoint Security Platform.