What is the Web Protection hybrid solution?

The hybrid solution allows organizations to switch between the network-based and cloud-based security solutions provided by McAfee® Web Gateway and McAfee® Web Gateway Cloud Service (McAfee® WGCS), respectively.

Web gateways and other appliances do not protect equipment after it leaves your organization's network. For example, when users in your organization take laptops on business trips or work from home, they leave the network's secure zone.

Client Proxy is installed on the computers of end users in your organization. Using the location-awareness settings that you configure, Client Proxy determines whether the computers are located inside or outside your network or are connected to your network by VPN.

In a hybrid deployment, Client Proxy lets web requests sent by users working inside the network or connected to the network by VPN pass. These requests are automatically redirected for filtering to a Web Gateway appliance installed on the network. Web requests sent by users working outside the network, on the other hand, are redirected to McAfee WGCS for filtering.

For more information about the hybrid solution, see the McAfee Web Protection Hybrid Deployment Guide.

Note: End-user computers are referred to as endpoint computers.