Block List reference

Configure and maintain the list of processes that are permanently blocked from communicating with the network.

Table 1: Option definitions
Option Definition
Add Adds the new process name to the Block List.
Allow traffic to go directly to destination When selected, all network traffic is directed to the intended destination. (Default configuration)
Block traffic for all processes (except bypass listed processes) When selected, blocks all network traffic unrecognized by Client Proxy.
CAUTION: We do not recommend using this option. Selecting this option can result in loss of all network connectivity except by browsers. Attempting to use other software to connect to the Internet can disrupt communication between the security server and end-user computer, preventing the end user from accessing their computer.
Block traffic only for the following processes When selected, blocks all network traffic on the Block List. The built-in list contains the standard Microsoft Windows and OS X browsers. Add processes to the list with the Process Name text box.
Cancel Removes the process name from the Process Name field without saving.
Delete Removes the process name from the Block List.
Edit Enables modification capabilities to the Process name field.
Process Name Specifies process names in the Block List.