Resolved issues

The current release of the product resolves these issues. For a list of issues fixed in earlier releases, see the Release Notes for the specific release.

Solidcore client

Reference Issue description
1240719 Installer displays Solidcore EULA when using Japanese language.
1243901 CMD.exe no longer crashes when Script as Updater (SAU) feature is enabled on Windows 10.
1218054 Mozilla Firefox runs successfully after installing the software.
1244786 Integrity Monitor now tracks File Modified events.
1234287 Performance improvement for Java.exe, Internet Explorer, and Google Chrome.

Solidcore extension

Reference Issue description
1239874 McAfee default rule groups are no longer removed when upgrading the software.
1245623 Inventory can be imported successfully as an XML file.
1241551 Policy Discovery Events are now displayed successfully.

Note: This release also includes 8.0.2 resolved issues.