New features

Here are the details about the new features included in this release.

SHA-256 support

Change Control now supports file SHA-256 values for various workflows (Windows platform) in addition to SHA-1 and MD5. If you perform upgrade from earlier versions, you must fetch the inventory in order to view the SHA-256 values on the McAfee ePO console.

Multiple wildcard character support

In this release, we have simplified rule creation and management by providing multiple wildcard character support. Paths can include the * and ? wildcard characters to specify file paths and file names. You can use wildcards when defining read-protection, write-protection, and updater rules for files.

Notifications for CLI breach attempt

Starting with the 8.0.0 release, you can configure Change Control to notify the administrator of any unsuccessful attempts to recover the CLI on the endpoint. In case any attempt is made to breach security, the CLI should be immediately disabled to thwart the attempt.

User comments support

You can now record additional information for events on the Solidcore Events page. If needed, you can filter events based on specified comments.