Resolved issues

The current release of the product resolves these issues. For a list of issues fixed in earlier releases, see the Release Notes for the specific release.

Solidcore client

Reference Issue description
1253471 Process scsrvc.exe no longer causes a memory leak.
1245151 Stack memory usage no longer causes a system crash.
1237712, 1239572, 1240123 Skip list rule format is now fixed.
1249644 Application Control no longer blocks Windows Calculator.
1254573 Solidcore no longer crashes when a file is saved to a Network Share.
1239652 Content Change Tracking event is now generated for file changes.
1229192 Solidcore initial inventory pull now gathers inventory information.
1248141 Solidcore service crash with some wildcard updater rules is now fixed.
1246075 IPC connection shutdown is now fixed.
1241147 exFAT external devices supported and blocked properly.
1248219 System crash with BugCheck 7F due to high stack usage is now fixed.
1250050 System crash with BugCheck 3B during startup is now fixed.
1246939 Memory leak on Windows Server 2008 R2 is now fixed.
1247171 Full Feature Activation is now working on Windows 7 when performing Enable task on McAfee ePO.

Solidcore extension

Reference Issue description
1253421 Japanese language is now clear on Update Processes and Directories edit page.
1247758 Migration task no longer fails at step 6: Migrating reputation data from Self Approval Request to Binary Reputation.