Exit Observe mode

Once you are done monitoring the system and logging observations, you must exit Observe Mode.


  1. On the McAfee ePO console, select MenuSystemsSystem Tree.
  2. Perform one of these actions.
    • To apply a client task to a group, select the group in the System Tree and switch to the Assigned Client Tasks tab.
    • To apply a client task to an endpoint, select the endpoint on the Systems page and click ActionsAgentModify Tasks on a Single System.
  3. Click ActionsNew Client Task Assignment to open the Client Task Assignment Builder page.
  4. Select Solidcore 8.1.0SC: Observe Mode and click Create New Task to open the Client Task Catalog page.
    1. Specify the task name and add any descriptive information.
    2. Select End Observe Mode and choose to place the endpoints in Enabled or Disabled mode.
  5. Click Save, then click Next to open the Schedule page.
  6. Specify scheduling details, click Next, then click Save.
  7. (Optional) Wake up the agent to send your client task to the endpoint immediately.