System requirements

Before installing Change Control or Application Control, make sure that your environment meets these requirements.

Note: To review system requirements for this release, see KB87944.

  • Verify that the McAfee ePO server and database are installed and configured. McAfee ePO is a management tool that installs software and deploys policies on the managed endpoints. It also allows you to monitor client activity, create reports, and store and distribute content and software updates.
  • Make sure that McAfee Agent is installed on each endpoint where you want to install Change Control or Application Control. McAfee Agent acts as the intermediary between the Solidcore client and McAfee ePO server. It sends data between the two.
  • Download the Solidcore extension package from the McAfee Downloads site. The Solidcore extension file is typically named Solidcore_epo_extn_<version>.<build>.zip.
  • Download the Solidcore client package from the McAfee Downloads site. Here are the available Solidcore client packages.
    Operating system Package name
    Linux SOLIDCOR<version>-<build>
  • Make sure that the target platforms where you want to install the Solidcore client are supported. See KB87944 for Change Control and Application Control).
  • Review KB84289 for information about the supported kernels for the Linux operating system. If the target kernel is not mentioned in this article, there are two ways to get support:
    • Request kernel support by filing a Product Enhancement Request (PER). For information about how to submit a PER, see KB60021.
  • Determine the database sizing requirements for your setup. See KB72753 for Change Control and Application Control.
  • Review the minimum system requirements for Change Control and Application Control. See KB87944.