McAfee Agent 5.7.1 Release Notes

The McAfee Agent 5.7.1 release addresses known issues.



  • Required for all environments.
  • Failure to apply Mandatory updates might result in a security breach.
  • Mandatory updates and hotfixes resolve vulnerabilities that might affect product functionality and compromise security.
  • You must apply these updates to maintain a viable and supported product.

Compatibility with other McAfee Products

To view the list of McAfee products and versions that are compatible with McAfee® Agent 5.7.x release, see KB93915

Release details

For release date and build number details of McAfee® Agent 5.7.x, see KB51573.

Known issues

For a list of current known issues, see McAfee Agent 5.7.x Known Issues (KB93773).

Reference Resolution
SAGMA-353 McAfee Agent blocks McAfee Endpoint Security updates as an incorrect buffer access vulnerability. For more information, see SB10343. (Windows only).

Product manageability
Reference Resolution
MA-9447 Under certain scenarios, McAfee DLP Endpoint client (fcag.exe) was crashing when using the McAfee Agent Start/Stop commands. This issue is resolved now by modifying C APIs in DXL to fix the potential crash points. (Windows only).
MA-10331 Including "{" in URL resulted in curl request failure for the squid proxy server. This issue is resolved now by encoding "{" to %7B and "}" to %7D. (Windows, Mac, and Linux )
Reference Resolution
MA-10436 Now there is no database connection leak when using the Single System Troubleshooting feature. (Windows, Mac, and Linux )