Install software for the first time

The method of installing McAfee Agent depends on the client operating system, tools used, new installation, or an upgrade.

McAfee ePO On-Premises

You need these components to install McAfee Agent on client systems:

  • McAfee ePO extension ( — A .zip file that is installed on McAfee ePO. Installing McAfee Agent extension allows you to customize product features on McAfee ePO.
  • McAfee Agent software package ( or or — A .zip file that contains product installation files. Once the package is checked in to the Master Repository, McAfee ePO can deploy it to your managed systems.
  • McAfee Agent key updater package ( — This distributes the new master keys when an update is received from the McAfee ePO managed repositories. McAfee Agent uses agent-server secure communication (ASSC) keys to communicate securely with the server. You can generate new ASSC keys and use them as a master set. Existing agents that use other keys in the agent-server secure communication keys list do not change to the new master key unless there is a client agent key updater task scheduled and run. McAfee Agent key updater package is multi-platform and updates the master public key (srpubkey.bin) and the corresponding request key (reqseckey.bin).

McAfee ePO Cloud

You can create a customized McAfee Smart Installer by selecting the required operating system and McAfee version. You can install McAfee Agent on all supported platforms using the McAfee Smart Installer.