McAfee Agent policy settings

McAfee Agent provides configuration pages for setting policy options that are organized into these categories: General, Repository, Product Improvement Program, Troubleshooting, and Custom Properties.

Before distributing McAfee Agent throughout your network, consider carefully how you want McAfee Agent to behave in the segments of your environment. Although you can configure McAfee Agent policy settings after they are distributed, we recommend setting them before the distribution, to prevent unnecessary impact on your resources.

Note: Only the difference in the policy settings is downloaded from the server when using McAfee Agent 5.0.0 or later.

General policy

Settings available for General policy are divided into following tabs.

Tab Settings
  • Policy enforcement interval
  • Use of system tray icon in Windows environments
  • Enabling system tray icon in a remote desktop session
  • (McAfee ePO On-Premises) McAfee Agent and SuperAgent wake-up call support
  • Whether to accept connections only from McAfee ePO
  • Yielding of the CPU to other processes in Windows environments
  • Restricting McAfee Agent processes, services, and registry keys change
  • Rebooting options after product deployment in Windows environments
  • The agent-server communication
  • Retrieving all system and product properties
  • Enabling RelayServer on McAfee Agent
  • Disabling discovery of RelayServers
  • (McAfee ePO On-Premises parameters):
    • The repository path where the SuperAgent goes for product and update packages
    • Specify the interval to flush lazy cache memory
    • Specify the disk space for the lazy cache
    • Specify the interval to purge the files from the disk
    • Broadcast wake-up call to SuperAgent
    • Enabling lazy caching
  • Enabling/disabling priority event forwarding
  • Level of priority events forwarded
  • Interval between event uploads
  • Maximum number of events per upload
  • Enabling/disabling application logging
  • Setting the log file size limit and rollover count
  • Level of logging detail
  • (McAfee ePO On-Premises) Enabling/disabling remote logging
  • (McAfee ePO On-Premises) Setting to enable remote access to logs
Note: To know about enabling debug logging for McAfee Agent for non-Windows troubleshooting, see KB69542.
  • Custom update log file location
    Note: For information about log file option requirements for McAfee Agent Product update, see KB85549.
  • Specifying post-update options (runs only after a successful update)
  • Downgrading DAT files
  • Enabling automatic update of McAfee products post deployment
  • Selecting update type and repository branch
    Note: The selected update type is considered for tasks that run post deployment of McAfee products and when you run Update Security using the system tray icon.
  • Enable peer-to-peer communication on McAfee Agent to enable peer-to-peer client
    Note: Peer-to-peer policies are enabled by default for the McAfee Default policies and are disabled for the Large Organization Default policies.
  • Enable McAfee Agent to serve updates or installation files to peer agents
  • Specify the repository path
  • Specify the disk space for the updates on the peer-to-peer server
  • Specify the interval to purge the files from the peer-to-peer server repository
  • Enable McAfee Agent to perform incompatibility check during McAfee product deployment

Note: (McAfee ePO On-Premises) When importing My Default General policy from the McAfee ePO 4.6.6 server to the McAfee ePO 5.1.1 server, the policy values for Peer-to-Peer feature are replicated from McAfee Default policy rather than My Default policy on the McAfee ePO 5.1.1 server.

Repository policies

Repository policies settings can be configured using Repositories and Proxy tabs.

Note: On McAfee ePO Cloud, only Proxy server settings can be configured using the Repository policy.

Tab Settings
(McAfee ePO On-Premises) Repositories Repository selection
Proxy Proxy configuration

Troubleshooting policies

Settings available for Troubleshooting policies are contained in one tab.

Tab Settings
General McAfee Agent user interface and log language

Product Improvement Program policies

Settings available for Product Improvement Program policies are contained in one tab.

Tab Settings
Product Improvement Program Allowing Product Improvement Program to collect anonymous diagnostic and usage data.

Custom Properties policies

Settings available for Custom Properties policies are contained in one tab.

Tab Settings
Custom Properties Determine end-user access permission to view or edit a particular custom property.