Install McAfee Agent extension and packages

Before you install the agent on managed systems, add the extension, software package, and key updater package to McAfee ePO.

Note: You can manage previous versions of McAfee Agent with 5.0.0 extension, but previous version extensions cannot manage McAfee Agent 5.0.0 client.


  1. Download the McAfee Agent extension,, McAfee Agent packages, and the key updater packages to the system with McAfee ePO.
    You can download McAfee Agent packages from McAfee ePO Software Manager. See McAfee ePO product documentation for more details.
    McAfee Agent comes with different packages for each supported operating system.
    Name Description Linux package Windows package Macintosh package Windows Embedded Credentials package McAfee ePO Help extension McAfee ePO extension Key updater package
  2. Install McAfee Agent and Help extension:
    1. In McAfee ePO, select MenuSoftwareExtensions.
    2. Click Install Extension.
    3. Browse to the location of, select it, then click OK.
      The Install Extension summary page appears.
    4. Click OK to complete the installation of the extension.
    5. Repeat steps a through d to install Help extension.
    Note: When upgrading from McAfee Agent 4.8 Help extension to 5.0, uninstall the agent 4.8 Help extension then perform steps a through d to install 5.0 Help extension.
  3. For each agent package you need to check in to the McAfee ePO repository:
    1. Select MenuSoftwareMaster Repository.
    2. Click Check In Package, then browse to the agent packages list, select the required package, then click Next.
    3. Make sure that Current is selected under Branch, then click Save.