Install URL-based McAfee Agent manually from the command line

You can override default installation parameters by manually installing the URL-based agent on supported operating systems.


Run the following command on the client system with any of these parameters:
On Windows, run McAfeeSmartInstall.exe
On Macintosh, run
On Linux, run
Parameter Description
-d "Data path" Overrides the path of McAfee Agent data files (Windows only). The default location is: <Documents and Settings>\All Users\Application Data\McAfee\Agent. If the operating system does not have a Documents and Settings folder, the default location is C:\ProgramData\McAfee\Agent.

Example: McAfeeSmartInstall.exe -d D:\McAfeeAgent\Data

-i "Install path" Overrides the default folder where installation files are saved (Windows only). You can use Windows system variables, such as <SYSTEM_DRIVE>. If not specified, the default location is: <DRIVE>:\Program Files\McAfee\Agent.

Example: McAfeeSmartInstall.exe -i D:\McAfeeAgent

-g Generates the debug log McAfeeSmartInstall_<date>_<time>.log.
  • On Windows client systems, the log file is saved in <Documents and Settings>\<User>\Local\Temp\McAfeeLogs.
  • On Macintosh client systems, the log file is saved in /tmp.
  • On other non-Windows client systems, the log file is saved in the installation folder.
-a "Proxy address" -p "Proxy port" Specifies the proxy server address and the port number (Windows and Macintosh only).

If the proxy server details are not provided, the installer uses the default browser proxy server setting.

-k Switches off the peer and certificate verification of the https server from where the installer downloads the configuration file.
-u "Proxy user name" -w "Proxy password" Specifies the user name and password for the authenticated proxy server (Windows and Macintosh only).
-f Forces McAfee Agent installation (Windows only).
-s Installs McAfee Agent in silent mode (Windows and Macintosh only).
-v Installs McAfee Agent in VDI mode.
h Displays the Help for command-line options (Windows and Macintosh only).
Note: All parameters are optional. If you don't specify a parameter, the installer uses the default value.