McAfee Agent installation package

You install the agent on client systems using the installation package generated when you install McAfee ePO or check in the agent package.

This file is a customized installation package for McAfee Agent that reports to your McAfee ePO. The package contains information needed for McAfee Agent to communicate with the server. Specifically, this package includes:
  • McAfee Agent installer
  • Sitelist.xml file
  • srpubkey.bin (the server public key)
  • reqseckey.bin (the initial request key)
  • req2048seckey.bin
  • sr2048pubkey.bin
  • agentfipsmode file

By default, McAfee Agent installation packages are at <System Drive>\Program Files (x86)\McAfee\ePolicy Orchestrator\DB\Software\Current\<Product Id>\Install\0409. Product IDs for supported operating systems are listed in the following table.

Operating System Product ID
Windows EPOAGENT3000
Macintosh EPOAGENT3700MACX

The Windows installation package is FramePkg.exe and the non-Windows package is

This is the installation package that McAfee ePO uses to distribute and install McAfee Agent. Other FramePkg.exe files are created when:

  • You specifically create one in McAfee ePO
  • McAfee Agent packages are checked in to any branch of the repository (Previous, Current, or Evaluation)
  • Encryption key changes

The default McAfee Agent installation package doesn't contain user credentials. When executed on the targeted system, the installation uses the account of the currently logged-on user.

You can create custom installation packages with embedded credentials if needed by your environment.

Important: Because an installer package has embedded credentials, access to it must be severely restricted. Installer packages with embedded credentials must only be used in specific situations where another deployment method is not available. For additional, important information about the use of embedded credentials, see McAfee KB65538.

You can also create a customized McAfee Smart installer using McAfee ePO. This McAfee Smart installer can be distributed to client system users for McAfee Agent installation.