Using the maconfig command-line tool

The command-line tool, maconfig, is provided with McAfee Agent for Linux.

It is installed with McAfee Agent and its default location is /opt/McAfee/agent/bin.

With maconfig you can perform operations such as:

  • Provisioning agent to McAfee ePO
  • Set custom properties
  • Set log level

Command-line switches

Use these command-line switches with the maconfig tool to perform operations.

Parameter Description
-provision Provisions the agent in managed or unmanaged mode.
-enforce Enforces the agent policies or configurations locally.
-managed Provisions the agent in managed mode.
-unmanaged Provisions the agent in unmanaged mode.
-auto Use McAfee ePO credentials.
-dir Uses McAfee ePO files from a specific directory.
-epo Specifies McAfee ePO IP address and port.
-user Specify McAfee ePO administrator's user name.
-password Specify McAfee ePO password.
-custom Set custom properties. You can set more than one custom property.
-prop1 "string value" -prop2 "string value" ... -propN "string value" Value of custom property. Specify the value for each of your custom property.
-license Set license key.
-loglevel Set log level number(0(Disable)\1(Info)\2(Debug)\3(Detail)).

Deletes GUID entries.

-start Starts the agent.
-stop Stops the agent.
-help Displays Help for maconfig.


  • Provision the agent to McAfee ePO

    This command provisions a specified McAfee ePO to the local system that runs this command.

    maconfig -provision -managed -auto -epo <ePO IP> -user <ePO admin username> -password <ePO admin password>

  • Set custom properties

    This command allows you to set custom properties that are reported back to McAfee ePO and are displayed in the system properties.

    maconfig -custom -prop1 "string value1" -prop2 "string value2"

  • Set log level

    This command allows you to configure the level of agent activity that is recorded.

    maconfig -enforce -loglevel 3