Deploying the agent using McAfee Smart Installer

The McAfee Smart Installer is a customized URL-based installer that can be created with McAfee ePO.

You can create a customized McAfee Smart Installer by selecting the required operating system and McAfee Agent version using McAfee ePO.

Clicking the McAfee Smart Installer prompts you to save or run the executable file. The managed system users with administrator rights can run the executable file and install McAfee Agent on their system. Running the executable on the client system extracts McAfee ePO details and McAfee Agent unique token.

Once the executable is extracted, the client system tries to discover peer-to-peer servers in its broadcast domain to download the McAfee Agent installation and configuration files. On receiving the request, the McAfee Agent that is configured as peer-to-peer server responds to the request and serves the content.

If the client system is unable to find peer-to-peer servers in its broadcast domain, it tries to connect McAfee ePO to download the configuration files. If the connection succeeds, the client system downloads and installs McAfee Agent.

If the installer is unable to connect to McAfee ePO directly, it uses the proxy server setting configured on the client system to download and install McAfee Agent. The installer uses the proxy server settings configured in Internet Explorer for Windows or System Preferences for Macintosh OS X client systems.

Note: Download using proxy server is supported only on Windows and Macintosh operating systems. For Macintosh client systems, the installer uses System Preferences. You must provide the proxy server credentials if your client system requires authentication to connect to the proxy server.

If the client system fails to connect to McAfee ePO directly or using the proxy server, it broadcasts a message to discover McAfee Agent with relay capability in its network. The RelayServer responds to the message and establishes connection with the client system.

If McAfee Agent package download fails due to network connectivity problems, McAfee Agent resumes downloading the remaining installation files from the point it stopped when the McAfee Smart Installer runs next time.

McAfee Agent then installs other McAfee products through the deployment tasks and enforces new policies assigned to the managed system fetched during the first agent-server communication.