Install using Group Policy Object

Configure your third-party software, such as Microsoft Group Policy Objects (GPO), to distribute the agent installation package, which is on your McAfee ePO.


  1. Download Framepkg.exe from McAfee ePO to a shared folder on a network server, where all systems have permissions.
  2. Execute this command:
    Framepkg.exe /gengpomsi /SiteInfo=<sharedpath>\Sitelist.xml /FrmInstLogLoc=<localtempDir>\<filename>.log
    The following files are extracted to your local drive.
    • MFEagent.msi
    • Sitelist.xml
    • srpubkey.bin
    • reqseckey.bin
    • agentfipsmode
    • sr2048pubkey.bin
    • req2048seckey.bin
  3. Copy the extracted files to a shared UNC location specified in siteinfo path.
  4. Create a Group Policy Object. (See Microsoft documentation for instructions).
  5. Click Computer ConfigurationPoliciesSoftware Settings.
  6. Right-click Software installation, then click NewPackage.
  7. When prompted for a package, browse to the shared UNC path, then select MFEAgent.msi.
  8. Select the Deployment Method as Assigned.


Note: McAfee Agent does not support per-user installations.