Resolved issues

The current release of the product resolves these issues. For a list of issues fixed in earlier releases, see the Release Notes for the specific release.


Reference Issue description
1192895 [Windows, Linux, and Mac] McAfee Agent now fixes a vulnerability in its remote log viewing feature. For more information, see SB10183.


[Windows] The additional protection mechanisms in the McAfee Agent UI now prevent attacks that might cause product unresponsiveness and DAT update failures.
1199289 [Windows] The deployment or update task now runs successfully with the presence of software that is untrusted by McAfee.


Reference Issue description
1196740 [Mac] McAfee Agent now successfully migrates policies when you upgrade from 4.x.
1197580 [Linux] When you install McAfee Agent using the command -u, the agent no longer logs error messages on the console.
1196821 [Mac] McAfee Agent now restarts once during the upgrade.
1185587 [Linux and Mac] The McAfee Agent runtime folder is now created with root permissions.
1194000 [Windows] After upgrading McAfee Agent, the REG_SZ AgentVersion registry value is now updated with the correct information.

Product manageability

Reference Issue description
1192033 [Linux] macompatsvc no longer crashes when two parallel threads try to access SQLite databases.
1195205 [Windows] mfemactl.log now adheres to the logging policy.
1192031 [Windows] McAfee Agent now displays the correct status of macompatsvc on McAfee Agent Monitor.
1192032 [Windows, Linux, and Mac] McAfee Agent now collects a valid IPv4 address associated with Network Interface Card (NIC), even if the client system has 10 or more IP addresses.
1188459 [Windows] McAfee Agent now reports OS OEM Identifier property value as N/A, if the value is not available. This prevents the masvc process from stopping abruptly after installation.
1193572 [Windows] McAfee Agent is now compatible with McAfee® Global Threat Intelligence™ Proxy (McAfee GTI Proxy). For more information, see KB89442.


Reference Issue description
1189203 [Windows, Linux, and Mac] McAfee Agent now runs tasks as scheduled when the Run missed task option is enabled.


Reference Issue description
1197054 [Windows] UpdaterUI now completes successfully when you log off or shut down the system.
1197576 [Linux] The masvc process no longer closes abruptly during repository sorting.

Other fixes

Reference Issue description
1196711 [Mac] McAfee Agent now successfully collects agent statistics in all cases.
1187295 [Windows] McAfee Agent now handles multi-byte format which allows the repository names to appear correctly.
1193119 [Linux] McAfee Agent now collects and reports the OS kernel version that matches with McAfee Agent 4.x.