Windows system and product properties reported by McAfee Agent

The McAfee Agent reports system properties to McAfee ePO from its managed systems. The properties reported vary by operating system. Those listed here are properties reported by Windows.

System properties

This list shows the system data that is reported to McAfee ePO by your systems' operating systems. Review thedetails on system before concluding that system properties are incorrectly reported.

Agent GUID

CPU Serial Number

CPU Speed (MHz)

CPU Type

Custom Props 1–8

Communication Type

Default Language


DNS Name

Domain Name

Excluded Tags

Free Disk Space

Free Memory

Free System Drive Space

Installed Products

IP Address

IPX Address

Is 64 Bit OS

Is Laptop

Last Sequence Error

Last Communication

MAC Address

Managed State

Management Type

Number Of CPUs

Operating System

OS Build Number

OS OEM Identifier

OS Platform

OS Service Pack Version

OS Type

OS Version

Server Key

Sequence Errors

Subnet Address

Subnet Mask

System Description

System Location

System Name

System Tree Sorting


Time Zone

To Be Transferred

Total Disk Space

Total Physical Memory

Used Disk Space

User Name


Agent properties

Each McAfee product designates the properties it reports to McAfee ePO and, of those properties, which ones are included in a set of minimal properties. This list shows the kinds of product data that are reported to McAfee ePO by the McAfee software installed on your system. If you find errors in the reported values, review the details of your products before concluding that they are incorrectly reported.

Agent GUID

Agent-Server Secure Communication Key Hash

Agent-to-Server Communication Interval

Agent Wake-Up Call

Agent Wake-Up Communication Port

Cluster Node

Cluster Service State

Cluster Name

Cluster Host

Cluster Member Nodes

Cluster Quorum Resource Path

Cluster IP Address

DAT Version

Engine Version

Force Automatic Reboot After

Hotfix/Patch Version

Installed Path



Last Policy Enforcement Status

Last Property Collection Status

License Status


Peer-to-Peer Repository Directory

Prompt User When a Reboot is Required

Policy Enforcement Interval

Product Version

Plugin Version


Run Now Supported

Service Pack

Show McAfee Tray Icon


SuperAgent Functionality

SuperAgent Repository

SuperAgent Lazycache

SuperAgent Repository Directory

SuperAgent Wake-Up Communication Port